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About the Insectarium

We Are the Insects, a permanent exhibition.
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (Claude Lafond)

When you visit the Insectarium, you’ll plunge into an unknown and fascinating universe.
Whatever your age, you’ll be astounded by the incomparable adaptations and surprising behaviour of insects, the champions of nature.

The Montréal Insectarium, which is considered one of the largest insect museums in North America, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010. A favourite of children, the museum is home to some 250,000 specimens of living and naturalized insects, an anthill and many other exciting vivariums.

Meet entomologist/facilitators who are passionate about their work and discover the fantastic diversity of these champions of nature. Do you have some extra time on a pretty day? Your young children won’t want to miss our play and discovery area, the BuzzGround.

Welcome to the Montréal Insectarium!

2018 First Monarch Fiesta held at Insectarium (with activities and workshops) to celebrate and raise profile of monarch conservation initiatives.
2017 June 15 / Ville de Montréal becomes first monarch-friendly city in Quebec, with Insectarium playing a major role
2016 Mission Monarch participatory science program, aimed at getting citizens to help document reproductive success of monarch butterfly, set up
2014 November 21 / Winner of international architectural competition for Insectarium’s Metamorphosis selected: Kuehn Malvezzi + Pelletier De Fontenay + Jodoin Lamarre Pratte + Dupras Ledoux + NCK (Berlin, Montréal)
    August 26 to 28 / First international conference on entomophagy in North America, “Eating Innovation: The Art, Culture, Science and Business of Entomophagy,” hosted
    February 4 / International architectural competition for Insectarium’s Metamorphosis announced
2011 New permanent exhibition, We Are the Insects, with over 3,000 naturalized specimens and 100 live specimens
2001 Entomology reference website Toile des insectes goes online
1998 Butterflies Go Free held for first time
1994 Monarchs Without Borders program begins as part of Monarch Watch program (Canada, U.S.A., Mexico). Program wound up in 2016
1993 Insect Tastings event held for first time, then annually until 2005, and resumed in summer of 2017
1992 February 7 / Official opening of Montreal Insectarium
1989 Bequest of specimens from Brother Firmin Laliberté’s scientific collection
1987 Bequest of specimens from Georges Brossard’s collection

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