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Biodiversity Garden

Biodiversity garden

Do you like being surrounded by flowers and greenery, and feeling closer to nature? The Biodiversity Garden encourages you to plant a variety of flora, to integrate species that are native to Québec, and to adopt environmentally friendly gardening practices. That way you’ll attract a wide range of fauna that are useful to your garden.


For your Biodiversity Garden to be certified you must at least meet the three mandatory criteria listed below:

  1. Put in a variety of plants: if possible, integrate trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials and annuals (depending on available space) to meet the needs of a variety of living organisms.

  2. Make sure to have plants producing flowers or fruit throughout the entire season in order to feed pollinators, birds and small mammals.

  3. Maintain your garden in an ecologically friendly way: choose suitable plants, feed seedlings with compost, use water wisely, be tolerant in the face of pests or diseases and other problems.

Further recommendations:

  • Integrate native species into the arrangement. To check on whether a species is indigenous to Québec, consult VASCAN, the Database of Vascular Plants of Canada.
  • Reduce the grassy area and increase the flowerbed area.
  • Supply a safe and accessible source of water for wildlife.


Did you know that …

You need show tolerance and patience to attract biodiversity into your garden. Plants and animals don’t just move in overnight. Also, the presence of these new guests may not fit your notion of the ideal garden. The leaves of your plants risk being nibbled on by caterpillars – but you will eventually get to observe the butterflies. Bees and other pollinators will forage your flowers. Birds will dig into your flowerbeds for worms and insects. Don’t look at these intrusions negatively; rather, consider them a sign that you’ve done your work and your garden is becoming a space for life!

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