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Biodôme Migration

Photo: © KANVA

The project

A renewed experience, re-thinking the deeper meaning of the ecosystems

The goal of the Migration project is to revamp the Biodôme and its scenic design in most areas accessible to the public. The new concept is geared to more immersive, participatory and innovative experiences that awaken the senses and offer visitors other perspectives on the ecosystems. The architects compare the Biodôme to a living organism, and their concept echoes notions in cell biology. The cell, the basic building block of life, becomes a model for structuring and shaping the building blocks of nature – the ecosystems. The design team is proposing to reorganize the spaces, open up the centre of the Biodôme, and offer bold, complementary experiences.

The design team

KANVA + NEUF architect(e)s, Bouthillette Parizeau + NCK

March 6, 2019 update : The Biodôme will reopen in December 2019.

More details on the Migration project.

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