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The Blind Man with Starry Eyes

The Blind Man with Starry Eyes

Animation movie presented at Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan

An ambitious tyrant asks a wise old man in his kingdom how he can become even more powerful. Although he insists, he can only elicit one answer:
“Look at the sky and count the stars.”

  • Audience: ages 7 and up
  • Length: 23 minutes


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Technical Informations

Producer: Planétarium de St-Étienne

Director: 3D Émotion and Planétarium de St-Étienne

Written by: Antoine Chantepy

Executive productor and scientific advisor: Éric Frappa (Planétarium de St-Étienne)

3D technical director: Vincent Arrouy and Stéphane Bertrand (3D Émotion)

3D artistic director and graphic designer: Damien Maugin (3D Émotion)

Modeling, textures and lights director: Vincent Arrouy, Bastien Balandras, Jérémy Mathecowitsch and Damien Maugin (3D Émotion)

Animation and motion capture designer: Bastien Balandras and Damien Maugin (3D Émotion)

Music composer: Herman Broz


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