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Génial! at the Insectarium App


Designed in collaboration with Datsit Studios, producer of the Génial ! show on Télé-Québec, this new app created specifically for young visitors and their families offers a hands-on approach to understanding the world of insects. Génial ! at the Insectarium takes users

on a twisting, turning route, full of surprising interactions and video clips. As they go along, they’ll explore some broad scientific themes like insect biochemistry, taxonomy and the role of insects in the ecosystem.

A virtual collection

As soon as they open the application, users get a video call from Martin Carli and Stéphane Bellavance, inviting them to create their own Insectarium. The two experts offer some basic instructions on how to start a collection of rare and fascinating insect specimens, which as it happens are part of the Insectarium’s collection. Thanks to the application’s advanced technology, users receive messages and can “catch” insects by recognizing their pictures. The fun doesn’t stop there, either, since they can also answer a quiz on each insect and become real experts!

For the whole family

The application is both packed with information and easy to use. Games, video clips and exclusive details, all presented interactively, let any user create an insect collection that can be saved and shared. Insects have some amazing characteristics, almost like super powers, and users will be convinced of their importance to the ecosystem by the time they complete their collection. They’re sure to come away with a whole new appreciation of insects!

Technical details

  • Available from App Store. Android version also available.
  • Downloadable before your visit (recommended) or in the Wi-Fi zone at the Biodôme
  • Works without an Internet connection
  • Content accessible only at the Insectarium
  • Available in French only
  • Use of headphones is recommended

Génial! à l'Insectarium

In collaboration with Datsit Studios and Télé-Québec.

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