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The Insectarium’s Metamorphosis


Just like a caterpillar, the Insectarium will be undergoing a spectacular transformation: bold ecological architecture, immersive and innovative experiences and unprecedented encounters with the world of insects. These new premises, one of a kind, will offer the visitor a destabilizing space, as humans insinuate themselves in the insect universe and discover their vital importance for the planet.

With a surface area doubled in size, the Insectarium will invite visitors to lose “both their sense of direction and mastery of their sensory faculties through a serpentine downward stroll in a fault that enters the earth… They will see their human condition called into question and be introduced to the insect’s scale.”

Excerpt from winning project

Opening in 2021

Winning Submission

Kuehn Malvezzi, Pelletier De Fontenay, Jodoin Lamarre Pratte, Dupras Ledoux and NCK

The project

A unique experience

The Insectarium will become a true biotope in which insects, plants and people can interact and take an interest in one another. In an architectural space that is both a landscape and an organism, the underground and closed spaces, water, shadow and daylight follow and play off one another along a route that plunges visitors into an immersive, sensory experience in the heart of the world of insects.

Technical Aspects

  • materials encouraging the greatest proximity with the insects (water, glass)
  • new immersive space (butterfly house)
  • changes in architectural and museographic scale and perspective
  • individual experience spaces (face-to-face with insects)
  • museum functional spaces (laboratories, greenhouses, breeding facilities, offices)
  • transparent openings revealing the building’s ecological workings and the support processes for the live insects

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