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The Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre

One of the missions of the UdeM Biodiversity Centre is to promote and conserve important biological collections, such as the Marie-Victorin Herbarium.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)

The Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre is a major hub of scientific research. The Centre, the result of a partnership between the University and the Jardin botanique and the Montréal Insectarium, two Espace pour la vie (Montréal Space for Life) institutions, boasts cutting-edge scientific facilities for research into biodiversity, its preservation and its promotion. The Centre is not only home to invaluable natural collections and promotes knowledge transfer among local and international researchers, but also increases public awareness of the importance of biodiversity, key to the conservation of species and ecosystems.

A world-class centre for the research

The Centre’s facilities also include cutting-edge laboratories for the culture and rapid characterization of samples, particularly microbial species whose biodiversity is just beginning to be inventoried. These exceptional facilities considerably reduce the time and cost of sample purification and analysis, making it possible to carry out large-scale studies and to accelerate the rate at which new species and strains of ecological or industrial interest are discovered.


The goal of the UdeM Biodiversity Centre is to transfer knowledge. As the headquarters of the Canadensys consortium, the Centre co-ordinates the publication of data from a large number of participating Canadian university biological collections. It ensures the compatibility of this data and makes this information network accessible through a userfriendly web portal.

This network is compatible with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility (CBIF), strengthening cross-Canada and international collaboration and facilitating the development of new partnerships in the areas of biodiversity and sustainable development.

In addition, thanks to specially adapted consultation tools, the information compiled on these collections will be made available to government departments and organizations, associations, private firms and the general public, so as to ensure that they can all make informed decisions regarding the preservation and sustainable use of our biological heritage.


One of the missions of the UdeM Biodiversity Centre is to promote and conserve important biological collections (the Marie-Victorin Herbarium and the Ouellet-Robert's entomological collection of the UdeM), the Montréal Insectarium entomological collection and the Cercle des mycologues de Montréal fungarium.

The Centre preserves the Quebec heritage that these rich collections of plants, insects and fungi represent. In addition, the Centre enjoys privileged access to the live collections at the Jardin botanique de Montréal. Bringing all these collections together in this way makes it possible to share expertise and resources and to better manage the collections and digitize their data.

Having the UdeM Biodiversity Centre located on the grounds of the Jardin botanique greatly facilitates the Centre’s mission to inform the public on the importance of biodiversity preservation and of research and conservation efforts in this area.

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