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Useful links in ecology and biology

Black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tricactyla).
Photo: Biodôme de Montréal (Claude Lafond)


  • Fondation de la faune du Québec

    Foundation involved in the protection of habitat and species native to Quebec. Its mission is to promote conservation and development of fauna in natural habitats, for every living environment in Quebec, be it aquatic, wetland, riparian or land.

  • Humanima Portal

    The gateway to information on the relationship between humans and the animal world, Humanima offers a panoply of information and educational activities, from WebTV to Games and the Teacher's Corner through the News and Discovery sections, including the blog, in French, by Alain Mc Lean, biologist and scientific educator at the Biodôme.

  • St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026

    Site concerned with the protection and conservation of the St. Lawrence River, its flora and fauna, its living environment, its landscapes, phenomena and uses.

  • Institut québécois de la biodiversité

    Non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve, develop and promote Québec’s natural science collections. In French only.

  • Club 2/3

    Club 2/3 is Oxfam-Québec’s youth division that educates youth locally and abroad about international solidarity while supporting cooperative projects. In French only.

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