A new universe to discover at the Planétarium

Planétarium © Espace pour la vie(Raymond Jalbert)
A new universe to discover at the Planétarium

With the opening of the Planétarium just a few hours away, discover the secrets of this new building and its bold architecture. Do you remember the first time you observed the night sky? Chances are, you were out in nature — perhaps by the side of a lake! Get ready to relive this extraordinary, magical experience... right in the heart of Montréal!

An interdisciplinary team for a unique building

Of the 61 architectural firms that entered the international competition, the jury eventually recommended the consortium Cardin Ramirez Julien + Aedifica, in association with SNC Lavalin, Dupras Ledoux ingénieurs and Fauteux Associés Architectes Paysagistes, to design the new planetarium. This interdisciplinary team developed a unique concept favouring renewable energy and sustainable development. The building is expected to qualify for LEED Platinum certification.

An ecologically responsible building

On top of the building’s reduced water consumption and optimized lighting, over 75% of existing structures have been recycled. Furthermore, 95% of the project’s permanent wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The outside environment of the Planétarium is also very important. You will notice a green roof, landscaping that aims to reduce heat islands on the site, and a special effort to promote public transport and hybrid vehicles.

The inspiration behind the project

In the video below, architect Jean-François Julien and engineer France Beaulieu, who is also the Montréal Space for Life project manager, speak about the issues involved, the inspiration that guided them throughout the project, the building’s characteristics and many of the little details that will make your visit a unique experience.

La construction du nouveau planétarium en 1 minute et quelques secondes!


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