Camille Lefebvre / François Dion

Camille Lefebvre / François Dion
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Camille Lefebvre et François Dion

Camille Lefebvre hails from the French Alps, and has been an adopted Montrealer since 2009. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology-Geology. She is constantly amazed by the natural sciences and thoroughly enjoys teaching biology at several Montréal CEGEPs. She has been collaborating with the Planétarium Rio tinto Alcan team on EXO as a biology consultant since 2016.

François Dion is fascinated by philosophy and science. He is a communicator in the field of astronomy and teaches philosophy at Cégep Garneau in Quebec City. He helped write the script for EXO, premiering on November 21 at the Planétarium Rio tinto Alcan.  

Biology teacher Camille Lefebvre and philosophy teacher François Dion both collaborated on EXO with the Planétarium Rio tinto Alcan team.

Articles by Camille Lefebvre / François Dion

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