Creating your own little arboretum

Spring blooms (Malus sp.)
Credit: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Spring blooms (Malus sp.)
Creating your own little arboretum

Did a visit to the Jardin botanique Arboretum make you want to create your own wooded area at home? More power to you, and here’s some advice to help you create a green space around the house.

The Jardin botanique Arboretum comprises about 7,000 specimens of tree and shrub from native species and cultivars originating in different regions of the world whose climate conditions are similar to ours. The first ones took root there in 1936.

And even though it’s impossible to achieve something on the same scale at home, there’s nothing to keep you from being inspired by it.

Before starting, make sure to familiarize yourself with the conditions of your site. Every tree or shrub needs special sun and environmental conditions to grow in the best possible way. The number of hours of sunlight, exposure to the wind and access to water are only a few of the factors to be taken into account.

Also be careful about when you choose to plant your young shoot. Bare-rooted seedlings, and ones in plugs and in containers require different attention. The same goes for certain species.

In a word, the operation should be well planned. For it to be crowned with success, consult the Space for Life Green Pages.

Trees for the month of May

Even though the tree-planting period normally extends from spring to fall, especially for those in pots, which offer the most latitude, May is really the month to focus on for doing your planting . The Québec Department of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, incidentally, has made it tree and forest month (in French only).

A number of activities take place during that period so that new trees take root all over Québec.

Did you give birth or adopt a child this year? We’ve got a tree to give him or her! The operation takes place every year during the “Mon arbre à moi” campaign (in French only).

Meanwhile, the Jardin botanique’s “Great Gardening Weekend”(from May 24 to 26, 2019), lets you stock up on plants and chat with a crowd of specialists.

In summary, a host of resources are at your disposal to help your little arboretum take root. Now it’s up to you.

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