Face-to-face with a biologist: Claire Vasseur

Face-to-face with a biologist: Claire Vasseur

Behind the scenes at our institutions, there are all kinds of individuals who cultivate the art of understanding and caring for our live collections. These avid experts invite you to share their passions in these short videos.

Discovering the soils around us

This week we offer a face-to-face with Claire Vasseur, a biologist at the Montréal Biodôme specializing in soils. She hosts youngsters taking part in the school project The Forest Beckons Me, which is intended to raise high-school students’ awareness of the importance of our forests and the species that live there. By taking concrete steps, the students contribute to protecting nature.

Armed with spades, Erlenmeyer flasks and trowels, the youngsters have attempted to determine, based on soil samples collected in their region, what the best spot will be for sowing their wild garlic, a vulnerable species in Québec. They carry out tests at the Biodôme and will plant the garlic next spring in their maple grove.

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