Face-to-face with a researcher: Andrée Nault

Face-to-face with a researcher: Andrée Nault

Behind the scenes at our institutions there are all kinds of individuals who cultivate the art of understanding and caring for our live collections. These avid experts invite you to share their passions in these short videos.

Involving young people in the protection of endangered species

We offer a face-to-face with Andrée Nault, researcher and scientific advisor at the Jardin botanique de Montréal. Andrée welcomes elementary-level students and takes them to the heart of a rich Québec maple forest: they’re heading there to determine the success of their earlier sowing of wild leek seeds. Armed with rulers, pencils and a determination to contribute to the recovery of endangered species, they’re taking part in a “secret F.B.Ail mission,” a feature of the SEM’AILjr program. Over 1,000 F.B.Ail agents have been trained since 2010!

Andrée Nault is the driving force behind SEM’AIL, created in 1999, a program of awareness, education and restoration for the wild leek, a vulnerable species in Québec. In 2010 it adapted the project for schools by creating SEM’AILjr.

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