Face-to-face with a researcher: Maxim Larrivée

Face-to-face with a researcher: Maxim Larrivée

Behind the scenes at our institutions, there are all kinds of individuals who cultivate the art of understanding and caring for our live collections. These avid experts invite you to share their passions in these short videos.

To the butterflies

We offer a face-to-face with Maxim Larrivée, a researcher at the Montréal Insectarium and a butterfly specialist. He’s interested in the effect of climate change on these insects, and their loss of habitat. To help him in his work, Maxim is calling on citizens from all over the continent to observe butterflies and share their observations.

Anxious to kindle a passion for butterflies in ordinary people, he also organizes, every summer, a day of observation and census-taking: the Papill-o-thon in Rigaud. It’s taking place on July 9.

If you want to contribute specifically to the census-taking of the monarch and its host plant, the milkweed, sign up for Mission Monarch, a cross-Canada study headed by Maxim Larrivée

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