Gift ideas for gardeners

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Gift ideas for gardeners

Written on December 11, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven’t found the dream gift for your favorite gardener? Don’t panic. Here are a few suggestions that are bound to make him or her smile.

Comfortable gloves

Gloves made from thick rough cotton reduce manual dexterity. Which is why most gardeners hate working with gloves. But why not look for a version tailored to gardening that molds itself perfectly to the hand? It’s best to choose a model made with a rubberized non-slip fabric for the palms and breathable cotton for the top of the hand. Make sure they can be exchanged in case the fit isn’t right.

A quality pruner

Good one-handed pruners are expensive, but they’re ergonomic, resistant and durable. And we know that a quality tool can last a lifetime if well taken care of. Choose a pruner with forged-aluminum handles, comfortable, light, solid and with a non-slip surface. The blade and counter-blade are made from quality tempered steel. You should also be able to adjust the friction between the blade and the counter-blade. And don’t forget: a quality pruner comes apart, and spare parts are readily available.

A specialized agenda

Gardening aficionados aren’t always good at taking notes. But they should, because most of them end up forgetting the precise name of their plants, or their good ideas. For the “amnesiac” gardener, the specialized agenda is an excellent tool. It usually contains sections for entering the name and features of plants, the steps taken over time, information on projects someone might want to undertake, and so on. Some models offer the possibility of printing new pages from their Internet site.

A gardening apron or belt

It’s important to keep gardening tools immediately accessible. So why not offer a gardening apron or belt with loops and pockets? One little detail to bear in mind, though: aprons protect clothing, but they get a little hot in the dog days of summer.

A watering can

If it’s just to give a few potted plants a drink, gardeners don’t feel like hauling out the big hose. So it’s useful to have a watering can handy. It should be equipped with an easy-to-clean removable head. Some brands offer a choice of nozzles with different types of jet. Take the time to make sure that the weight of the can is suitable when you pick it up with one hand.

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