Warm up to insects and get close to nature

Coleoptera of the Meloidae Family
Credit: Wiki Commons, photographe: Ramona
Coléoptère de la famille Meloidae.
Warm up to insects and get close to nature

Bright colors, extravagant shapes, unusual behaviors… Insects teem with mysteries, and have intrigued humans for the longest time. Nevertheless, not everyone is susceptible to their charm. Ignorance sometimes acts as a barrier to discovering them and realizing how delightful they are. And yet, the fascinating world of insects is accessible to everyone ‒ you just need the right guidance!

A brief encounter is all it takes

It’s well known that nature does us good. With that in mind, the Insectarium brings people and live insects together in an atmosphere conducive to amazement while never losing sight of animal welfare.

These moments of direct contact with insects heighten our respect for nature and help us overcome our apprehensions. When we brave handling insects for the first time, we often get a rush of emotion. Once they get past a certain degree of fear, many people will feel pleasure and even a sense of euphoria.

At a human – and an insect – pace!

With their slender legs and their delicate wings, insects are fragile creatures. In fact, some insects are so vulnerable, it’s better to touch them as little as possible. That’s the case with butterflies, in particular. But there are many other insects that can be held on your hand. In all cases, when you touch these animals, be caring and respectful. Fortunately, at the Insectarium, guides give visitors confidence, adapt their movements to the different insects, and steer visitors so that they do likewise.

Each person has a different attitude towards insects. A curious child may be fascinated by the idea of letting an insect walk on his or her hand. At the same time, some adults are hesitant... Maybe because of a fear that’s developed slowly over time? In either case, handling an insect can further a positive relationship with nature if it’s done in a way that’s comfortable for both.

Enjoying them, protecting them

To change our perception of insects, we have to get close to them, to let ourselves gradually fall under the spell of their beauty and become aware of how delicate they are. Eventually we start to feel good in their company. These emotions are a first step in sensing the fragility of insects and understanding the importance of protecting them. So we’re looking forward to seeing you in the future Insectarium, where you can get back to nature by holding out your hand to an insect!

The Insectarium is scheduled to reopen in fall 2021.

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