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About the Biosphère

The geodesic dome of the Biosphère
Biosphère of Montreal

An iconic architectural landmark of Montréal since Expo 67, the Biosphère became a museum dedicated to the environment in 1995 and joined the Montréal Space for Life museum complex in April 2021.

Located in the heart of parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène, its geodesic dome is the best-known architectural work of the famous Richard Buckminster Fuller, one of the precursors of contemporary environmental thinking. When designing the Biosphère, Fuller already had it in mind to highlight human ingenuity as the foundation of a viable cohabitation with nature on our one and only "spaceship," as he liked to call Earth. Even today, these themes link all of the museum's activities.

The Biosphère presents exhibitions and artistic installations, prompting dialogue between science, culture, social innovation and the environment. Its activities allow curious minds to better understand the major contemporary environmental issues and to discover solutions to face them. Erected in a true natural oasis, this pioneering example of sustainable architecture offers breathtaking views of downtown Montréal and the St. Lawrence River.

The Biosphère is also…

  • A panoramic belvedere (might be closed during winter and in bad weather conditions)
  • An illuminated structure at night
  • A living wall, an indoor garden and green roofs.

Mission of the Biosphère

Like the other Space for Life institutions, the Biosphère's mission is to bring people closer to nature and encourage action and citizen participation in favor of the socio-ecological transition.

As a museum entirely devoted to the links between society and the environment, the Biosphère is dedicated to raising public awareness of environmental issues and engage people through its programs, activities and exhibitions at its wonderful site in parc Jean-Drapeau.

The governments of Canada and Quebec and the City of Montreal are each investing an equal amount of $15 million over five years to ensure a promising future for North America's only museum of the environment.

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