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The Alcoves, true underground galleries

One of the alcoves of the Insectarium allows you to enter small spaces as an insect would.
Photo: Espace pour la vie/Mélanie Dusseault
A family explores one of the alcoves of the Insectarium
  • A family explores one of the alcoves of the Insectarium
  • A family move from one “blade of grass” to the next.
  • One of the alcoves allows us to see, like insects, things invisible to the human eye.

As we enter underground galleries inspired by insect habitats – the Alcoves – the perception of the world as we know it changes. All the senses go on alert in each of the rooms: you’ll perceive the environment the way an insect does.

One eye, many facets

Insects’ vision is nothing like our own. In the first hall of the Alcoves you’ll find on the screens that surround you abstract projections of numerous geometric shapes that allow for a better grasp of how insects use their vision in their environments.

As you pass, the images are transformed according to the speed and range of your movements, reacting to the details of your silhouette. You’ll quickly notice that every little gesture is interpreted differently in the world of the infinitely small.

Good vibes

Pay attention here: the ground is vibrating beneath your feet. In this Alcove, the goal of the ground vibrations is to have you explore one of insects’ most powerful senses. Whether it’s to alert them to the approach of a predator or of potential prey, each type of vibration represents a specific message about what surrounds the insect.

From blade to blade

The insect world is filled with challenges and obstacles. When you enter this room, you’ll have to learn how to get around in this universe of shifting blades of grass.

For a better understanding of the daily acrobatics of small critters, stroll among the flexible metal rods and climb on the different levels of steps, testing your coordination and your balance.

Tight squeeze

Insects move from one place to another in different ways, which most of the time requires them to make their way through very narrow passages. Twist and weave your way through tunnels and crevasses like a bee larva towards its alveolus or like an ant in its den.

The world in UV

Insects manage to perceive what’s invisible to humans: ultraviolet (UV) light rays. On the floor patterns appear and are made visible thanks to special lighting fixtures, revealing a brand-new world to your eyes.

Ceiling walk

Don’t hallucinate, as you enter this Alcove: life actually is topsy-turvy. As though you were a fly on the ceiling, the special effects and the reversed architecture, in addition to the projection of images of visitors on a adjoining wall, will give you the impression of moving around upside down.

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