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All about pollinators

Bee City 

Montréal, a city committed to the protection of pollinators

Taking concrete actions to preserve biodiversity : Montréal is doing just that with its membership to the Bee City program! An initiative of the Bee City Canada organization, this program aims to encourage various entities to get involved in the protection of pollinators, these small beings essential to our environment. Obtaining this certification is in addition to the City's Pollinator Protection Plan to enrich biodiversity.

Who are the pollinators?

Did you know that bees aren't the only pollinators? Discover other insects and animals that are essential, and sometimes unsuspected, to the preservation of biodiversity.

What is the purpose of pollinators?

Pollinators play a very important role in plant and animal life... and even human life! Find our blog articles on the importance of conserving pollinators.

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