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Animal welfare

Animal welfare
Animal welfare

During the work, the animals will have to be moved and rehoused in different places. Some of the animals will be kept on different sites in Greater Montréal, modified or built to meet their needs, to ensure their welfare and keep them healthy and safe. Other animals will be moved temporarily to our zoo partners’ or university partners’ sites.

All the sites have been assessed by our veterinarians and our animal welfare experts to ensure that they meet the needs of each species (space, ventilation and air exchange, temperature, humidity levels, etc.). Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) has also visited some of the sites. In addition, the sites will all allow the animals to engage in their natural behaviour (climbing, hiding, etc.) and to maintain their social connections, in our penguin colonies, for instance. All of them will return in time for the reopening.

Long-term planning

Relocating the penguins, beavers and monkeys is not an easy job. That’s why the Biodôme’s teams have been preparing for this big move for months now. They have considered each species separately, in order to find the best solution and ensure each individual’s optimal welfare.

Emiko Wong, veterinarian and scientific advisor on animal welfare, explains what will happen with the animals during the renovation work at the Biodôme.

Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Supervisor of Live Collections, explains how some of the Biodôme’s species were moved. It called for careful co-ordination by a team devoted to ensuring the well-being of the Biodôme’s animals!

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