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The August 21 Total Eclipse, Live on the Web

The eclipse on the Web
Photo: Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium (Marc Jobin)
The eclipse on the Web

Can’t make it to the USA to experience the total solar eclipse? Unable to join us to observe the partial eclipse at the Planétarium? In that case, turn to the Web: the total eclipse will be streamed live by many organizations that are experienced in this kind of event. Here’s a short selection:

NASA • Different connexion options are detailed on the following pages:

Exploratorium • Over the last decade, this science and technology museum based in San Francisco has sent impressive technical teams and equipment to remote locations around the globe in order to live stream total solar eclipses. Two sites, in Oregon and Wyoming.

iOS and Android app:

Slooh • This organization operates remote-controlled telescopes whose images are displayed live on the Web; they also present live webcasts for special astronomical events. One observation site in Idaho.

Most of these webcasts start at noon (Eastern Daylight Time), since that is the time when the partial eclipse begins on the West Coast.

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