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Biodôme Migration


A 21st-century museum

Did you know that the Biodôme, meaning “house of life,” is home to over 4,500 animals representing 250 different species and some 500 plant species? It is also the world’s only museum to so faithfully replicate the complexity of the natural environment and the interactions between animal and plant species. With the Migration project, the Biodôme plans to renew the scenic design of most of the publicly accessible spaces. You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of innovative, immersive and participatory experiences appealing to all your senses in a delightful blend of science, art and emotion.

Competition winners

In 2014, the KANVA, NEUF architect(e)s, Bouthillette Parizeau, NCK consortium won the international architecture competition that included the Biodôme Migration project. Their goal is renew the Biodôme’s microcosm where the animals, plants, seasons, light and energy revolve around a central nucleus. By comparing the Biodôme to a living organism, their concept echoes the idea of a cell, the basic building block of life, as it becomes a model for structuring and shaping the ecosystems.

“Visitors circulate freely through a network of passages of varying size, summoning up the image of a beating heart.”

— Excerpt from the winning proposal


All kinds of new features and changes to discover

A "living wall”

Imagine a curved white structure, supple and fluid like a sensitive, delicate skin. Hard to picture? Not for the designers of the Migration project! The winning concept is inspired by biophilia to create architecture bringing humans closer to nature. And thanks to an integrated network of passages and walkways, you’ll find yourself right in the heart of the ecosystems.

A mezzanine with many perspectives

Three ecosystems, three original viewpoints! From the top of the new mezzanine, you’ll get a totally new view of the Tropical Rainforest, Laurentian Maple Forest and Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystems. An elevator and walkways will lead you there, giving you a chance to marvel at the immense size of the building and its unique roof, which lets in the light so essential to life in the ecosystems.

A wall of ice

Brrr! You couldn’t find a more convincing immersive experience! A wall of ice will be created to separate the Sub-Antarctic Islands ecosystem, home to the penguins, from the Labrador Coast ecosystem where the auks live. Why? Partly so that you can see the birds more clearly and feel the cold climate of the Labrador Coast, and partly because these two ecosystems simply aren’t in the same hemisphere of the globe.

Revamped scenic design for habitats

Because we want you to enjoy a totally immersive and moving experience that appeals to your senses, the scenic design of the Biodôme’s habitats is being renewed to clearly illustrate the connections between nature and humankind.

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