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Biodôme Migration

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A 21st-century museum

Did you know that the Biodôme, meaning “house of life,” is home to over 2,500 animals representing 200 different species and some 800 plant species? It is also the world’s only museum to so faithfully replicate the complexity of the natural environment and the interactions between animal and plant species. With the Migration project, the Biodôme plans to renew the scenic design of most of the publicly accessible spaces. You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of innovative, immersive and participatory experiences appealing to all your senses in a delightful blend of science, art and emotion.

Competition winners

In 2014, the KANVA, NEUF architect(e)s, Bouthillette Parizeau, NCK consortium won the international architecture competition that included the Biodôme Migration project. By comparing the Biodôme to a living organism, their concept echoes the idea of a cell, the basic building block of life, as it becomes a model for structuring and shaping the ecosystems.

“Visitors circulate freely through a network of passages of varying size, summoning up the image of a beating heart.”

— Excerpt from the winning proposal

Awards and Recognition

The Biodôme has received more than a dozen recognitions since its reopening. Whether it is for its architectural enhancement, its innovative museology, its significant local impact, the ingenuity of its building or the design of its gift shop, here are the prizes the musem won:

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