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Bonsai and Penjing

Penjing (Lagerstroemia indica) from Northern China, on display in the Springtime Courtyard of the Chinese Garden
Photo: Gilles Murray
Lagerstroemia indica
  • Lagerstroemia indica
  • Ulmus parvifolia
  • Acer palmatum
  • Jasminum nudiflorum 'Nanum'
  • Acer palmatum ssp. matsumurae
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Ulmus parvifolia
  • Lagerstroemia lecomtei
  • Juniperus scopulorum, Bonsai

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The penjings exhibition greenhouse (Garden of Weedlessness) is closed during the summer. The other greenhouses remain accessible.

The collections of miniaturized trees at the Jardin botanique de Montréal

The art of shaping trees, whether it dates back thousands of years as in China or is a relatively recent practice, as in America, is constantly evolving. Artists and creators are experimenting all the time to perfect their art, with the ultimate goal of imitating nature.

The Jardin botanique de Montréal has five collections of miniaturized trees, each different, with its own rules reflecting different cultural values and esthetic criteria. These collections have attracted large numbers of visitors each year and in fact make up one of the largest bonsai and penjing collections anywhere outside of Asia.

Where and when

Japan: The Japanese Garden Bonsai Garden, May to October

Northern China: The Chinese Garden Springtime Courtyard, May to October

Southern China: The Garden of Weedlessness in the exhibition greenhouses, year round

Vietnam: Reception Centre (on occasion)

North America: Frédéric Back Tree Pavilion Bonsai courtyard, May to October

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