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Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) in the Chinese Garden
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Nelumbo nucifera
  • Nelumbo nucifera
  • Nelumbo nucifera
  • Nelumbo nucifera 'Alba Plena'
  • Nelumbo nucifera 'Youyii Hong San Hao'
  • Nelumbo nucifera 'An Tou Chun'
  • Nelumbo nucifera 'An Tou Chun'
  • Nelumbo nucifera

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The lotus is the most admired of all aquatic plants, with its elegant bearing, graceful flowers and rich traditional heritage.

The lotus is intimately associated with the sacred, the creation of the world, purity and beauty. It is one of the best-known symbols in Asia, especially in China and India, and was also very important to the Egyptians and ancient Greeks.

The plant plays a key role in Indian mythology, where it is associated with the deities Vishnu, Brahma and Laksmi. For Buddhists, the lotus is a symbol of purity, for its flower rises immaculate from its muddy bed. In China, it symbolizes the Confucian model of the “superior man” and is also one of the noble flowers.

Where and when

Chinese Garden, Aquatic Garden, Japanese Garden: from mid-August to mid-September.

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