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Choice of container and soil

Different types of containers
Photo: Chloé Wannaz-Marte
Gardening on the balcony


  • The choice of pot depends on the type of growing, but it’s normally better to opt for a large container (25 cm in diameter or greater). Plant roots will thus have enough space to develop properly, and you’ll have to water less often. Feel free to convert unusual vessels into original containers. But whatever pot you use, make sure it has drainage holes.
  • To reduce watering frequency, containers with a water reservoir (handmade or commercial) are a good option.


  • Choose soils specifically designed for growing in containers. These have adequate aeration, and retain moisture well. Pick potting soils already enriched with compost. If they don’t have any, mix a little in. Some soils also come with fertilizer. Don’t use either black earth or garden soil: they’re too heavy, and they compact easily.
  • Some potting soils are certified organic and are therefore an interesting choice for growing food.

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