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Life in My Tribe - My Daily Life

  • Biodôme
Brazil nuts form part of the daily diet of the Arawetes. How about in Quebec?
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)
Bertholletia excelsa

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Description of the activity

Students create their own mystery photos, to help Arawete children understand the daily lives of Québec children. They make drawings, take photos or make a collage to illustrate celebrations, games, meals, healing and a ceremony of some kind (baptism, first communion, marriage, etc.).

Equipment needed by the student

  • Copies of activity sheets
  • Crayons

Equipment necessary for the teacher

  • Printer


Make enough copies of activity sheets, one for each child.

Category of activity

  • Enrichment activity

Sub-category of activity

  • Class activity

Grade level

  • Elementary cycle two

Number of students per group

Individual activity


50 minutes

Activity Sheets

Life in My Tribe - My Daily Life[PDF - 182.92 KB - 4 pages]

Schedules for teachers

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