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Professor Penguin and a Journey to the Poles - How Does the Story end?

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Puffins sometimes form large colonies on the grassy tops of oceanic islands
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Fratercula arctica

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Description of the activity

Students come up with an ending for the story Professor Penguin's Journey to the Poles, based on 8 illustrations. They glue them into a notebook to make a story in which anything is possible-they can let their imaginations run wild. They can do this either aloud or in writing, on their own or as a group.

Equipment needed by the student

  • Copies of activity sheets
  • Crayons

Equipment necessary for the teacher

  • Printer


Make enough copies of the activity sheets, one for each child.

Refresher course

  • Tell the students they will be meeting Professor Penguin when they visit the Biodôme.
  • Ask them to show you the North and South Poles on a globe.
  • Ask them how many seasons there are in Québec's Far North. (There are four, just as there are where the students live, but spring, summer and fall are very short and it is cooler in summer.)
  • Ask them what the Native people who live in the Far North are called. (Inuit and Santa Claus...)
  • Ask them to name some animals living in the Sub-polar Regions at the Biodôme.

Category of activity

  • Preparatory activity

Sub-category of activity

  • Class activity

Grade level

  • Elementary cycle one

Number of students per group

Individual activity


45 minutes

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