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Tracking Animals - How Does the Story End?

  • Biodôme
Wood turtles can be seen in the porcupines' habitat at the Biodôme
Photo: Biodôme
Glyptemys insculpta

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Description of the activity

Students come up with an ending for the story Tracking Animals, based on 8 pictures. They glue them into a notebook to make a story in which anything is possible – they can let their imaginations run wild. They can do this either aloud or in writing, on their own or as a group.

Equipment needed by the student

  • Copies of activity sheets
  • Crayons

Equipment necessary for the teacher

  • Printer


Make enough copies of activity sheets, one for each child.

Refresher course

  • Tell the students they will be meeting a real nature enthusiast when they visit the Biodôme.
  • Ask the students whether they have ever found traces of animals outdoors.
  • Ask the students to find the definition of the words print, rodent, carnivore, herbivore.
  • Ask them to name some animals living in the Laurentian Maple Forest at the Biodôme.

Category of activity

  • Preparatory activity

Sub-category of activity

  • Class activity

Grade level

  • Elementary cycle one

Number of students per group

Individual activity


45 minutes

Activity Sheets

Schedules for teachers

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