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Travelling Fruit - Match the seeds and the fruits

  • Jardin botanique
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Robert Mineau)
Acorn - Quercus rubra

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Description of the activity

Students match up each seed with the right fruit, and then the tree that bears it.

Equipment needed by the student

  • Copies of activity sheets
  • Pencils

Equipment necessary for the teacher

  • Printer


Make enough copies of activity sheets, one for each child.

Category of activity

  • Preparatory activity

Sub-category of activity

  • Class activity

Grade level

  • Elementary cycle two

Number of students per group

Individual activity

Activity Sheets

Schedules for teachers

Travelling Fruit - Content[ - 623.25 KB - 1 page]
Travelling Fruit - Answer sheet[ - 546.48 KB - 1 page]

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