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Donations of animals, insects and plants

Photo: Biodôme de Montréal (Claude Lafond)
Castor canadensis
  • Castor canadensis
  • Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum var. moquetteanum.
  • Bhutanitis lidderdalii.

Please note that the majority donations of animals, plants or insects are not accepted by Space for Life museums. However, if you find a rare specimen, please refer to the sections below for information on donations of rare species.


Donations of animals

The Montréal Biodôme may occasionally accept donations of live animals, depending on its needs. The animals must be representative of its ecosystems, i.e. the Tropical Rainforests of the Americas, the Laurentian Maple Forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Labrador coast and Sub-Antarctic Islands.
For donations of live or naturalized animals, please contact us.

Animals not accepted

The following animals are not accepted: squirrels, rabbits, racoons, skunks, porcupines, mallard ducks, red-eared turtles, iguanas.


Donations of plants

The Jardin botanique de Montréal only accepts donations of rare and uncommon plants that are not already part of our collections. They must be properly identified. Moreover, with the exception of plants of horticultural origin, the natural origin of the plant must be certified in most cases.

To learn more about how the Jardin botanique acquires its plants, please visit our section on managing plant collections.


Donations of insects

The Insectarium accepts donations of insects as long as they correspond to the criteria of the scientific collection. By way of example, Québec’s entomological heritage, insects from the north or biogeographical areas bordering Québec and Canada, complementarity with other existing entomological collections belonging to our partners.

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