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Tropical Rainforest of the Americas

You’ll get a much better view of the birds and fish. For instance, the new walkway will overlook the canopy and birds perched high in the trees. A new habitat better suited to the macaws will let us house more of these parrots and give you more opportunities to watch their social interactions. In the corridor between the basin with the large Tropical Rainforest fish and the bat cave, the new scenic design will give you the impression that you’re walking through a mangrove.

Laurentian Maple Forest

Here, visitors will really feel as though they are close to the animals. The lynx habitat, for example: removing the low roof over visitors’ heads will open the space up more so that they can see the lynx more easily. The raccoons and porcupines will each have their own habitat, and the underwater part of the beaver lodge will be improved to enhance the visitor experience.

We’ll be raising the protective netting in the treetops, allowing the forest to continue growing and giving the birds more space to fly around. It will make for a great show!

Sub-Polar Regions

Brrr! You couldn’t find a more convincing immersive experience! A wall of ice will be created to separate the Sub-Antarctic Islands ecosystem, home to the penguins, from the Labrador Coast ecosystem where the auks live. Why? Partly so that you can see the birds more clearly and feel the cold climate of the Labrador Coast, and partly because these two ecosystems simply aren’t in the same hemisphere of the globe.

Gulf of St. Lawrence

From the new walkway, you’ll really have the impression that you’re in the middle of the St. Lawrence! Thanks to the new mural behind the basin and the reconfiguration of the architecture and scenic design in this ecosystem, you’ll think you’re on a boat with seabirds winging past you.

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