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EntomoMiam box: insect delicacies on the menu

EntomoMiam box: insect delicacies on the menu

To introduce food-lovers to edible-insect gastronomy (entomophagy), the Montréal Insectarium has introduced a new sampling box. Espace pour la vie commissioned chef-consultant and fine food creator Daniel Vézina to develop a gourmet offering. Vézina teamed up with local producers to feature edible insects and Québec product in savoury recipes.

Québec products and edible insects 

Presented in an attractive gift box (to treat yourself or someone else), the EntomoMiam box contains a variety of sweet and salty products for four people. It will be available at a cost of $49.

Chef Daniel Vézina and his collaborating partners have crafted the following:

Delicious, healthy and eco-friendly food

In addition to tasting good, edible insects can be part of the solution for a healthy, sustainable diet. They are high in protein and nutritional value, among other qualities.

But that’s not all. Insect farming produces less CO2 and uses less water than meat production. For example, raising mealworms generates 376 times less CO2 than cattle farming, for an equivalent weight. It also takes five times less water to raise mealworms than it does to raise cattle for an equivalent weight.


Insect products may not be suitable for people with a shellfish intolerance or allergy. The products are safe for non-allergic individuals.

In short:

  • Where? At the Insectarium and the gift shops of the Jardin botanique and Biodôme
  • Can the box be delivered? No
  • Serves how many? Four
  • Price? $49

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