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How do I maintain my lawn in the spring?

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Normally, the conditions for carrying out the first maintenance work on your lawn appear in mid- or even late April in the Montréal region. It’s pointless to rush outside as soon as the snow melts, since walking on waterlogged ground is not recommended.

In general, cleaning and raking are carried out from mid- to late April; topdressing, seeding and aeration are done in May.

You can put off the first mowing and let dandelions flower in order to provide pollinators with a pollen and nectar source. However, you have to mow when the flowers fade, before the production of seeds, to keep these from spreading across your land or your neighbors’.

In addition, ask your municipality or borough what the regulations are regarding the presence of weeds or lawn height.

To learn more, read our guide to organic lawn care

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