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Flows: A new programming theme at the Biosphère


A new programming theme at the Biosphère

Located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, between nature and the city, the Biosphère presents a new programming theme inspired by its immediate environment. Gathered under the idea of FLOWS, the exhibitions and events shed light on different movements: the migration of species (animals, humans, plants) whose trajectories and lifestyles are affected by the climate crisis; the flow of rivers and oceans that give rhythm to the archipelagos and the inhabitants of the riverbanks; and the pulse of nature, which is both a source of inspiration for its biodiversity and a source of concern in the face of the rising waters.

Through the image of incoming tides and collective displacements, the Biosphère's programming will explore different affluences: that of the circulation of beings, ideas and values, that of a world in motion and in constant change where adaptation is of a new magnitude.

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There are multiple ways in which we can act in solidarity with community initiatives and environmental organizations. The resources below are suggestions from our team and are listed in alphabetical order.

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