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Large-leaved aster

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Eurybia macrophylla
Photo: Frédéric Coursol
 Eurybia macrophylla
  •  Eurybia macrophylla
  • Eurybia macrophylla



Origin and description

Perennial native to Québec. The base of this large aster sports broad heart-shaped leaves, while the upper leaves come in varied shapes. The nectar and pollen from its flowers attract a number of pollinators and butterflies. This plant makes a handsome impression when planted in quantity in shady corners.

Height: 60 to 100 cm
Width: 45 cm
Blooms: pale violet, July to October
Attraction for wildlife: attracts pollinators and butterflies

Common name

Large-leaved aster

Latin name (genus)

Eurybia macrophylla, syn. Aster macrophyllus

English common name

French common name

Botanical family

  • Asteraceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: semi-shade, shade
Soil type: fresh


  • Zone 3

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