At-home gardening

At-home gardening comes with benefits: a chance to reduce stress, clear your mind, and be in the moment. Whether you're gardening in containers in your apartment or preparing to lay out your outdoor garden, you’ll find here useful information and sound advice delivered by our team of experts at the Jardin botanique.

Starting an indoor vegetable garden

Seeding 101

Seeding 101 »
Everything you need to know about growing seeds indoors: lighting, temperature, containers, subsoils and choice of seeds.

A little glossary for choosing your seeds »
Organic or non-organic seeds, open-pollinated or F1 hybrid seeds – a small explanatory glossary.

Where to buy seeds? »
Support local growers by purchasing their seeds online. (In French only)

What to sow at what time? »
The month of March marks the beginning of the planting period for some seeds. Consult our vegetable seeding and planting calendar.

Gardening on your balcony

Container gardening

Container gardening »
Balconies, terraces, patios, courtyards and window ledges are some of the places that can host potted plants. Here's everything you need to know about container gardening.

How to set up a raised bed vegetable garden? »
Follow these few easy steps to set up your own raised bed vegetable garden. 

Growing herbs on your balcony »
All you need is one or two square metres in your garden or a few containers on your balcony for a herb garden.

Growing vegetables on your balcony »
Ever wish you could have fresh vegetables from your own garden, even though your only outdoor space is a small balcony? Here’s how.

How to keep squirrels out of your garden »
If squirrels or other animals are too greedy or wreak havoc, try the following tips.

Eco-friendly gardening

Why not work in harmony with nature to take care of living things – yourself included? Here are useful resources to adopt green and sustainable gardening methods. 

Attracting pollinators to the garden

Attracting pollinators to the garden »
Attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators to the garden has benefits for both pollinators and plants. Here are the plants likely to attract them.

Attracting birds to the garden »
Admire hummingbirds and other birds with these plants. 

How to attract the right insects to your garden? »
Better to invite beneficial insects into the garden than try to eliminate pests with huge doses of pesticides.

How to plant an environmentally friendly garden? »
Forget about pesticides by following the basic principles of organic gardening.

Bursts of inspiration

What does your neighbor's garden look like?

What does your neighbor's garden look like? »
Check out our Gardenaut Gallery across Québec and let your imagination run wild.

Create a Monarch Oasis » 
Create an attractive haven for these wonderful migratory insects by growing milkweed and nectar-producing plants.

Tips and tricks for getting started in gardening »
A few tips on where to start.

Cultivate heirloom plants »
Here’s an overview of where and what to look for to cultivate heirloom plants.