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Green darners

Anax junius

These large dragonflies are 6.8 to 8.4 cm long with a wingspan of more than 9 cm. The thorax is green and the abdomen is bluish to dark brown. The extremely mobile head has short antennae, well-developed mouthparts and two huge compound eyes. The face is yellowish-green with a “bull’s eye” pattern on the forehead.

The four membranous wings are wide at the base. The abdomen is slender, flexible and cylindrical.



Dragonflies are divided into two groups: the suborder Anisoptera, which rest with their wings outspread, and the suborder Zygoptera, also called damselflies, which rest with their wings folded together over their backs.

Adults are often strikingly coloured with wings that feature distinctive banded patterns. The head has two large compound eyes and very short antennae. All dragonflies possess two pairs of membranous wings that are larger in suborder Anisoptera than in suborder Zygoptera. The abdomen is long and slender.

The aquatic odonate larva is equipped with unusual mouthparts that form a grasping hinged labium that can be rapidly extended to capture prey; at rest, it is folded away under the head.

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