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Indian meal moth

Plodia interpunctella

These small moths can be recognized by their bicoloured hind wings. The base of their forewings is clear, grey, green or whitish, and the other extremity is darker, either reddish brown or dark grey. They range in size from 11 to 20 mm.

The white or yellowish caterpillars are hairless, with orange-brown heads. They moult five times and measure up to 12 cm long in the last instar.

Meal moth

Pyralis farinalis

These moths are recognizable by the two curved white lines on their forewings. The middle part of the wing is a lighter brown than either end. The wingspan is 15 to 30 mm. At rest, the moths adopt an odd posture, holding their wings flat and curving the abdomen upward.

The cream-coloured, hairless, brown-headed caterpillars are up to 20 mm long.

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