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Insects and other arthropods

Snowy tree cricket

Oecanthus fultoni

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Snowy tree crickets are pale green, with an orange-yellow marking on the top of the head and long antennae. There are two dark spots at the base of the antennae. The wings are transparent, with fine white veins. The males have wider wings than the females. These insects are 13 to 15 mm long.

Life cycle

After mating, the female lays her eggs in holes that she makes in tree bark. The eggs are laid in fall and the eggs hatch the following spring. These insects undergo gradual metamorphosis: the young nymphs resemble adults and grow wings after a series of moults. The nymphs reach the adult stage in mid-summer.

Geographic distribution

They are found throughout the United States, except in the southeast and Montana. In Canada, they are found in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

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