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Insects and other arthropods

Virescent green metallic bee

Agapostemon virescens

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These bees are recognizable by their metallic green head and thorax. The eyes are droplet shaped, and their antennae are highly visible. The female’s abdomen is black, with bands of white hair, while the male’s is black with hairless bands. Their translucent wings are slightly smoke-coloured or amber.

The males are 10 mm long and the females, 11 mm.

Life cycle

These bees tunnel into the ground, where they make cells for egg laying. Sweat bees store pollen reserves in these cells, and the females lay their eggs in them once there is enough food for the larvae. This is a generally solitary species, with no castes.

The adults live only one season, except for females that have been fertilized in the fall, which overwinter in the nest. They awake in the spring, lay eggs and collect pollen to feed the larvae.

The species is active from May to October.

Geographic distribution

They are found in different habitats, from southern Canada to the Honduras.

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