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Guide for Integrating Children with Special Needs in Montréal Space for Life Day Camps

Montréal Space for Life has a process in place to enable the successful camp integration of a child with special needs.

If your child has special needs and you would like to sign him/her up for one of our day camps, please contact us a few weeks before the registration period. Those in charge will assess with you the child's specific needs or support needs during his/her stay before deciding on your registration request.

Step 1 - First meeting

A telephone meeting is organized between a camp manager and the child's parent or guardian in order to assess his/her ability to participate in camp activities. A form given by the day camp team will have to be filled for this purpose. The parent or guardian must provide all relevant information to the camp manager in order to assess the child's special needs.

Step 2 – Identifying needs

In the light of the information gathered at the meeting, the camp manager may, if necessary, ask to speak with a specialized worker or teacher who knows the child in order to identify the child’s special needs.

Step 3 – Jointly seeking solutions and decision

In co-operation with the child’s parent or guardian, the camp manager considers all reasonable possible means of successfully integrating the child in the camp. On a case by case basis, the undue hardship is evaluated, taking account of the impacts of the accommodation on costs, work organization, safety and others’ rights. A decision is then made regarding the child’s registration for the camp. If the child is accepted for the camp, a decision is made regarding the type of accommodation to be made.

Step 4 – Second meeting

If it is established that the child will attend the camp with a shadow, a meeting will be organized with the shadow, the parent and the child before the camp starts. The camp prefers to use camp employees as shadows. If the shadow is not a camp employee, the person chosen must meet the criteria required for all camp employees (training meeting ACQ accreditation standards, police check and accident insurance).

Step 5 – Follow-up and evaluation

During the child’s stay at the camp, follow-up will be done on the accommodation made. Like all campers, the child must respect the rules for the camp at all times. At the end of the child’s stay, the camp manager and, if applicable, the child’s shadow will draft a report indicating the child’s ability to participate in camp activities in future with or without a shadow. The child’s parent or guardian will be informed of the content of the report in a timely fashion.

It is important for the parent or guardian to follow all the steps in this guide to guarantee the child’s successful integration. You may contact the person responsible for the child’s integration in the camp at any time if you have any questions.

The Guide virtuel – Traitement d’une demande d’accommodement, published by the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ), was used in drafting this guide.


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