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Inventing the Future

Inventing the Future

Laboratory of Possibilities project

The Planétarium opened seven years ago already. With technology constantly changing, seven years can seem like an eternity! That’s why the Planétarium is always seeking to reinvent itself to bring people closer to nature, with greater accuracy and ambition than ever before, and to ensure that these technological advances work for people’s benefit.

This was the thinking behind the Planétarium’s decision to invite people to take part in co-creation workshops on Inventing the Future that would help it gain a better understanding of their vision and aspirations for the future. This knowledge will be used to design a new exhibition that will take us into the midst of a Martian storm, for instance, or enable us to touch the sun or float above the Milky Way. Anything is possible when ideas are shared.

These workshops are the first step in the process of Inventing the Future. Participants will be invited to give their input throughout the process of creating the new exhibition, and we will be calling on others to have their say in the coming months. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for the Laboratory of Possibilities newsletter.

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