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Main contractors

Main contractors
Main contractors

Launch of the architecture competition

In February 2014, in keeping with its desire to meld art, science and emotion, Montréal Space for Life launched an international architecture competition that included the Biodôme Migration project. An international jury of highly qualified figures from the world of architecture and design, along with experts in biophilic design and sustainable development, selected the winner. The city’s Bureau du design worked with Montréal Space for Life to prepare and run the competition.

The design team

KANVA + NEUF architect(e)s + Bouthillette Parizeau + NCK

KANVA: head designer and project manager
NEUF architect(e)s: collaborating architects
Bouthillette Parizeau: electromechanical engineering
NCK: structural engineering


KANVA is a collective of dynamic architects with a practice focused on thinking, imagining, designing and building in Montréal and elsewhere. Their ideas, actions and approaches to meeting contemporary issues have captured local, national and international attention. With over a decade’s experience in design, KANVA treats each project as an opportunity to transform the built environment while telling stories.


Bouthillette Parizeau is synonymous with excellence in building engineering, and has continued to grow and develop since it was founded in 1956. The firm has successfully completed a wide range of projects of all sizes, here in Quebec and elsewhere. It can handle projects and buildings of all kinds (institutional, commercial, industrial or other), but specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering, energy efficiency/sustainable development, telecommunications, security, building automation and food services.


NCK specializes in the design and construction of complex, original structures and major projects, some of them award-winning achievements. The originality of the firm’s engineers and their ability to find innovative solutions have earned it an international reputation and a role in prestigious projects both in Canada and abroad.

NEUF architect(e)s

Since it was founded 1971, NEUF architect(e)s has become one of Canada’s pre-eminent architecture and design firms. Rooted in the relational values that have contributed to the success of its clients and its 145 employees, it can be proud of its over 7,000 projects in a wide variety of fields, from strategic planning to urban design, residential, commercial and industrial development, offices and hotel complexes. Over the past half century, NEUF has left its mark on leading projects across the country and today is involved in projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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