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Montréal Space for Life social media netiquette


We are delighted to chat with you on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Twitter and to receive any comments expressed in a respectful manner.

To keep things courteous and democratic, we reserve the right to remove any off-topic, irrelevant or immoral remarks. Here are a few examples:

  • Hurtful, defamatory, harassing, aggressive, racist or sexist remarks;
  • Personal attacks or remarks that include personal or confidential data;
  • Vulgar, obscene or offensive remarks;
  • Overuse of capital letters (looks as if you’re shouting);
  • Advertising or promotional material;
  • Messages promoting or attempting to discredit a company, product, political party or its representatives, or Space for Life and Montréal municipal authorities.

You are solely responsible for any opinions you express.

We’re pleased to have you join us!

Contact us to report abuse in social media or for any question related to our services.

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