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Big City Little Homestead - 2021



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Biodiversity Garden


I've been doing wildlife gardening for years because urban wildlife and native plants are important to me, and with all the development in the Griffintown area, they've lost massive ground, where former biodiverse "wasteland" has been replaced by buildings and pedestrian parks with paltry, over-used turf grass. I'm trying to make my pocket of green a visual and temperature respite for passersby, and a source of food and respite for birds and urban wildlife. I have front lawn space, a green driveway, and a shady back yard in which I can welcome anything that comes along. Some of the plants that I have have arrived on the wind and I've carefully transplanted and tended them and lt them proliferate. Clematis virginiana, milkweed, asclepia, aster, violets, Robertson geranium, Solomon's seal, columbine, sword fern, beggarticks, and a few other low-growing wild arrivals live here. Wild resident squirrels and resident pet rabbits and pond goldfish, as well.

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