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We had wanted to eliminate an impermeable, paved surface along the north side of the property side for years, so in 2019 we began by replacing the asphalt with pea gravel and a mixed garden of native conifers and some decorative, non-native greenery to provide insect and bird habitat and to promote cooling.

In 2021 we created a raised vegetable garden with the help of Urban Seedlings and in 2022 we began to replace our lawn and extend existing gardens with native pollinator species. Jardin Buzz helped with the design and seedlings.

Remaining work includes further expansion of the pollinator species beds, the installation of bird feeders, sand surfaces for butterflies and more self-sustaining sources of water.

Our family dog died in early 2022. We buried her ashes in the middle of one of the new beds and planted a dogwood above her, which is flourishing. Hence, the name Casey's Oasis.

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