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Initially I had a formal garden with colors to compliment my stained-glass windows: pink and white roses, magenta peonies and yellow leafed shrubs. My garden already had crabapple trees and a lilac shrub for the birds. But when the lilac died and after many years of struggling with the lawn I was more than happy to give that part of the lawn to wild and other flowers and to let the grass grow. In spring my lawn is full of crocus, and now also has clover, creeping thyme and corsican mint, as well as other plants I do not know. I added purple to the late spring colors with all types of allium. I see butterflies, bumble bees, other bees (especially a green headed bee which I think is very pretty). I know the birds miss the lilac shrub but I see them pecking happily in the wildflower patch. I know my cat is not good for the birds but she is an old lady and mostly sits among the flowers and watches them from afar.

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