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  • October 26, 2016

An Official Flower for Montréal!

  • Space for Life, Jardin botanique
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Claude Lafond)
Echinacea 'de Montréal'

Montréal now has an official flower: Montréal echinacea (Echinacea ‘de Montréal’)! It was created entirely in Quebec, to mark the 375th anniversary of our city’s founding.

The project was launched and developed by Montréal Space for Life, which worked closely with Quebec horticultural professionals to create the new hybrid.

Montréal echinacea is a perennial that flowers from July to September. Its colour ranges from orange-yellow to bright pink throughout the blooming period, with the intensity depending on whether the plant is in full sun or partial shade. 

Echinacea are easy to care for and resistant to disease and insects.  They help foster biodiversity, too, by attracting the birds, butterflies and bees whose survival is so important to us. 

The first specimens bloomed at the Jardin botanique de Montréal in late summer. Next year, you’re sure to spot them everywhere in the city, and home gardeners will able to plant them in their yards. They will be available at the Garden gift shop during the Great Gardening Weekend and at specialized garden centres. 

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