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Selected publications

 DUPONT CYR, B.A., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, F. CHRISTEN, V. DESROSIERS, G.W. VANDENBERG, F. DUFRESNE & P.U. BLIER. (In press). Linseed oil as a substitute for fish oil in the diet of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), brook charr (S. fontinalis) and their reciprocal hybrids. Aquaculture Reports

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., J. BEIRAO, J., SUPERIO, B.-A. DUPONT CYR, A. FOSS & S. BOLLA (2021) Review: Spotted wolffish broodstock management and egg production: retrospective, current status, and research priorities. Special Issue Reproduction of wild and cultured fish, Animals 11, 2849.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., E.A. FAIRCHILD, G. NARDI & B.-A. DUPONT CYR (2021) Review: The status of spotted wolffish, Anarhichas minor (Olafsen): a commercially ready species for U.S. marine aquaculture? Journal of World Aquaculture Society 52: 509-525

CHRISTEN, F., F. DUFRESNE, G. LEDUC, B.A. DUPONT CYR*, G.W. VANDENBERG, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, J.C. TARDIF, S.G. LAMARRE & P.U. BLIER (2020) Thermal tolerance and fish heart integrity: fatty acids as predictors of species resilience. Conservation Physiology 8(1): coas108 https://doi:10,1093/conphys/coaa108

JENKINS, E.J., J. GULKA, D.J. YRUKOWSKI, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, E. WONG, G.K. DAVOREN. (2020) Isotopic discrimination in captive and wild common murre (Uria aalgae) and Atlantic puffins (Fratercula arctica). Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 93: 296-309.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., T. DESVIGNES, E. SHEEHAN, C. BELZILE, A. SAVOIE, J. BEIRAO, JH POSTLETHWAIT & WH DETRICH. (Soumis) Toward controlled breeding of the blackfin icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus (Löonberg 1906): determination of spermatozoa concentration and evaluation of short- and long-term preservation of semen.  Polar Biology

HUNTER-MANSEAU, F., V. DESROSIERS, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, F. DUFRESNE, H.W. DETRICH III, C. NOZAIS & P.U. BLIER.  (2019) From Africa to Antarctica:  exploring the architecture of fish heart mitochondria across a wide thermal range.  Frontiers in Physiology 04 October 2019 |

DESVIGNES, T., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, L.C. GOETZ, S.S. SMITH, K.A. SHUSDOCK, S.K. PARKER, J.H. POSTLETHWAIT & H.W. DETRICH III (2019) Interspecific hybrids inform reproductive isolating barriers in the Antarctic icefishes radiation.  Scientific Reports 9: 5989

CASSIDY, A., P.U. BLIER, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, P.Jr.MORIN & S.G. LAMARRE  (2018) Effects of fasting and refeeding on protein and glucose metabolism in Arctic charr. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 226: 66-74.

DUPONT-CYR, B.-A., H. TVEITEN, G.W. VANDENBERG, R.L. ROY, P.U. BLIER & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2018) Characterization of the growth rate of adult wolffishes Anarhichas minor and A. lupus:  is avoidance of paternal care at the origin of the expression of a sexual size dimorphism? Aquaculture 497: 24-31. 

DUPONT CYR, B.-A., TVEITEN, H., MALTAIS, D., VANDENBERG, G.W. & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS.  (2018)  Photoperiod manipulation for the reproductive management of captive wolffish populations Anarhichas minor and A. lupus.  Aquaculture International 26: 1051-1065.

TREMBLAY-GRATTON, A., J.-C. BOUSSIN, É. TAMIGNEAUX, G.W. VANDENBERG & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS.  (2018)  Bioremediation efficiency of Palmaria palmata and Ulva lactuca for use in a fully recirculated cold-seawater naturalistic exhibit: effect of temperature and high NO3 and PO4 concentrations. Journal of Applied Phycology 30(2): 1295-1304.

LE FRANÇOIS N.R., E. SHEEHAN, T. DESVIGNES, C. BELZILE, J. POSTLETHWAIT & W.H. DETRICH III. (2017) Characterization and husbandry of wild broodstock of blackfin icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus (Lönnberg 1906) from Palmer Archipelago (Antarctic Peninsula) for breeding purposes. Polar Biology 40(12): 2499-2516

TREMBLAY-GRATTON, A., J.-C. BOUSSIN, A. BENNACHI, E. TAMIGNEAUX, G.W. VANDENBERG & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS. 2017 Implementation of sulfur-based denitrification in a large-scale fully recirculated cold-seawater aquarium:  a sustainability practice.  Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 5:104-108.

POSTLETHWAIT, J.H., Y.-L. YAN, T. DESVIGNES, C. ALLARD, T. TITUS, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS & H.W. DETRICH III  (2016) Embryogenesis and early skeletogenesis in the Antarctic Bullhead notothen, Notothenia coriiceps.  Developmental Dynamics 245 : 1066-1080

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. PICQ, A. SAVOIE, J.C. BOUSSIN, E. WONG, L. MISSEREY, S. ROJAS, J.-P. GENET & S. PLANTE  (2015)  Coupling salinity reduction to aquatic animal well-being and ecosystem representativeness at the Biodôme de Montréal.  Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 3(2): 70-76.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. TREMBLAY-BOURGEOIS, B.-A. DUPONT CYR, A. SAVOIE, R.L. ROY, A.K. IMSLAND & T.J. BENFEY (2013) Cortisol and behavioural response to handling (acute) and confinement (chronic) stressors in juvenile spotted wolffish, Anarhichas minor: a distinct cold-water aquaculture species.  Journal of Applied Aquaculture  25: 248-264.

SAVOIE, A., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, L. BEAULIEU, S.G. LAMARRE, P.U. BLIER & C. CAHU (2011) Dietary protein hydrolysate and trypsin inhibitor effects on digestive capacities and growth during early-stages of the spotted wolffish (Anarhichas minor):  suggested mechanisms.  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 158:525-530. 

KOEDIJK, R., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, P.U. BLIER, A. FOSS, A. FOLKVORD, D. DITLECADET, S. G. LAMARRE, S.O. STEFANSSON & A.K. IMSLAND (2010) Ontogenetic effects of diet during early development on growth performance, myosin mRNA expression and metabolic enzyme activity in cod juveniles at different salinities. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology-Molecular and integrative physiology 156: 102-109.

LAMARRE, S.G., P.U. BLIER, W.R. DRIEDZIC & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2010) White muscle 20S proteasome activity is negatively correlated to growth rate at low temperature in the spotted wolffish Anarhichas minor (Olafsen). Journal of Fish Biology 76:  1656-1675.

GAUDREAU, C.M., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, H. TVEITEN & P.U. BLIER (2009) Characterization of the early-stages of the wolffish hybrid Anarhichas minor × A. lupus: conservation and aquaculture applications.  Aquatic Living Resources Volume 22:  371-377.

LAMARRE, S.G., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, W. DREIDZIC & P.U. BLIER (2009) Low acclimation temperature induces compensation of proteasome 20S but not protein synthesis in juvenile spotted wolfish (Anarhichas minor, Olafsen).  Journal of Experimental Biology 212: 1294-1301

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., A. SAVOIE & S.I. SIIKAVUOPIO (2008) Gill metabolic and osmoregulatory responses of Atlantic cod juvenile (Gadus morhua) to chronic ammonia exposure.  Journal of Applied Ichthyology 24:  112-115.

GRÜNBAUM, T., R. CLOUTIER, P.M. MABEE & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2007) Early ontogenetic developmental plasticity and integrative response in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus):  effects of water velocity on body size and shape.  Journal of Experimental Zoology 308B: 396-408.

LAMARRE, S.G., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, H. LEMIEUX, I.-B. FALK-PETERSEN & P.U. BLIER (2007) The digestive and metabolic enzyme activity profiles of a non-metamorphic marine fish species: effect of feed type and feeding level.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 64: 849-856.

DESJARDINS, M., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, G. FLETCHER & P.U.BLIER (2006) Seasonal modulation of plasma antifreeze protein levels in Atlantic (Anarhichas lupus) and spotted wolffish (A. minor).  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 335: 142-150.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. LAMARRE & P.U. BLIER (2005) Is white muscle anaerobic glycolysis capacity indicative of competitive ability in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)? Journal of Fish Biology 66:  1167-1176




Charles D. Johnson. MSc Sciences Animales, U Laval. Nucleotide inclusion in feed of 1+ food restricted  Salvelinus alpinus (Nauyuk strain):  assessment of the effects on growth performance (Le François Lamarre & Vandenberg).

Cchandra Monsumi Sarker, PhD Biologie, U Laval.  Recirculation modulation to favour beneficial K microbial communities during incubation to promote pathogen-free salmonid embryos: Salvelinus fontinalis (Derome & Le François).


On going projects


-Derome, N. & N.R. Le François.  RAS-K+, un système d’incubation en recirculation pour les écloseries de salmonidés.  Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Dufresne, F., P.U. Blier, C. Herbinger & N.R. Le François Intégration et validation de nouveaux marqueurs moléculaires à des fins de contrôle de la consanguinité et d’amélioration du pedigree chez l’omble chevalier.  Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Le François, N.R., S.G. Lamarre & G.W. Vandenberg.   Essais de restriction-réalimentation cycliques à grande échelle chez S. alpinus (Nauyuk et Fraser) et S. fontinalis (Baldwin): caractérisation de la croissance compensatoire. (Le François & Vandenberg) Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Dufresne, F. & N.R. Le François.  Développement d’une expertise génétique pour établir les liens de parenté dans la population captive de guillemots marmettes, Uria aalge, du Biodôme de Montréal : identification et validation de nouveaux marqueurs microsatellites. 

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